The merchandise I am offering for sale includes cards, tee shirts and exercise tops. If you wish, you may read my privacy statement concerning the shopping form on this site. The cards and tee shirts are decorated with original dance designs. These designs were created initially as costumes for my choreography, and each is based on research. The individual designs were inspired by Mayan mythology, legends of the earth goddesses and by the paintings of Kandinsky. There are four different dance designs available on the cards and shirts:Proceed to Order Form  

Mayan Design

Kandinsky Two Dancers


Kandinsky Three Dancers

The cards are 5" x 7". Each is printed with a 4 or 5 color design and has a description of the inspiration on the back.
Each card comes with one envelope.

Shirts are imprinted with the same designs on the front. All 4 designs are printed in a 4 color silk screen format.
Each shirt comes with a card describing the inspiration for the design.

Also available are exercise tops which can be worn over a leotard.
Tops cover shoulders and upper arms, have a V neck and tie at bust line. (see illustration below). 



Card plus envelope: $3.00

Pack of 4 cards with all 4 designs and envelopes: $11.00

One of the four designs on a short white tee with scoop neck M or L sizes: $19.00

Mayan design on long regular style tee in natural,  M or L sizes: $18.00

2 Kandinsky Dancers or Goddess are available on white long Tee shirts

Exercise tops in jade, burgundy, black or gray in sizes S, M or L: $16.00

Tax and shipping/packaging costs of $3.50 are added to the above costs.

Other color or size tee shirts can be ordered for an extra charge.

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Sandra Minton
13088 Grape Court
Thornton, CO 80241